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» Aluminium Breatherable Vent Valve

» Stainless Steel Vent Valve Breather

» Brass breatherable Vent Valve

» Explosion-proof breather vent

» Screw in Vent Valve Breather

» Snap in Vent Valve Breather

» Press in Vent Valve Breather

» Anti Explosion Proof Vent Valve

» Brass MG Cable Gland

» Brass PG Cable Gland

» Brass NPT Cable Gland

» Brass G Cable Gland

» Stainless Steel PG Cable Gland/Glanhead/Cable Fixed Head

» Stainless Steel NPT Cable Gland

» Stainless MG Steel Cable Gland/Genhead/Cable Fixed Head/Brass NPT Cable Gland/armoured cable explosion-proof gland

» Aluminium Connecting Box

» Metal hose Cable Gland/Metal hose

» Metal Air Control Thread Schrader Valve

» Washers

» Nuts

» Screw Parts

» Brass Valve/Stainless steel Valve

» Nylon MG Cable Gland

» Nylon PG Cable Gland

» Nylon NPT Cable Gland

» Plastic Waterproof Connecting Box

» male cable connectors/female cable connector/panel mount connectors/Fallan panel mount/butting connector

» electronic wire/molding line/line harness/combination line

» Terminal Block

» Nylon MG Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Nylon PG Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Nylon NPT Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Nyon G Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Brass MG Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» Brass PG Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» Brass NPT Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» Brass G Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» Stainless Steel MG Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» EMC Shield Cable Connectors

» Thickening Explosion-proof Cable Gland

» clip

» bolts

» Profile

» Pad

» shade

» Tape

» Antenna/expansion link

» Accessory

» Tools

» Machine

» Brass MG Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Brass PG Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Stainless MG Steel Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

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Dong Guan Lang Ford Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.

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About Us

Enduring quality, creation designs and leading-edge technologies

are the hallmarks of Lang Ford Tech.
Whether you're searching for breather protective screw vents or back adhesive membrane,gland,tester, tools for outdoor lighting fixture,
commercial light,architecture light or exterior lighting,

automotive light,outdoor electronic,ECU,communication equipment

security equipment,photovoltaic inverter,energy power,packaging

sound equipment.LanFordVic offers a wide variety of waterproof and air permeable  solutions.
We are a reliable and competent business partner with a proven track record.We are service-oriented, pragmatic and dynamic with Lang Ford you always keep up with the latest trends.

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