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» Aluminium Breatherable Vent Valve

» Stainless Steel Vent Valve Breather

» Brass breatherable Vent Valve

» Screw in Vent Valve Breather

» Snap in Vent Valve Breather

» Press in Vent Valve Breather

» Anti Explosion Proof Vent Valve

» Brass MG Cable Gland

» Brass PG Cable Gland

» Brass NPT Cable Gland

» Brass G Cable Gland

» Stainless Steel PG Cable Gland/Glanhead/Cable Fixed Head

» Stainless Steel NPT Cable Gland

» Stainless MG Steel Cable Gland/Genhead/Cable Fixed Head/Brass NPT Cable Gland/armoured cable explosion-proof gland

» Aluminium Connecting Box

» Nylon MG Cable Gland

» Nylon PG Cable Gland

» Nylon NPT Cable Gland

» Plastic Waterproof Connecting Box

» Plastic Waterproof Plug Connector

» Brass MG Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» Brass PG Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» Brass NPT Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» Brass G Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» Stainless Steel MG Armoured Cable Explosion-Proof Gland

» Nylon MG Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Nylon PG Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Nylon NPT Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Nyon G Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» nuts

» washer

» bolts

» Profile

» Pad

» Accessory

» Tools

» Machine

» Brass MG Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Brass PG Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

» Stainless MG Steel Blanking Plug/Blanking Gland

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Fastener Screw Parts
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Part Name: metal parts(nut,stud,rivet,screw,machining etc
Specification:industrial fasteners, mechanical fittings Fasteners, connectors, riveting parts, embedded parts, standard parts, non-standard parts
Technical Parameter
Copper,iron,aluminium,stainless steel
Natural metal color
      3  Size

 Standard size M6,M8,M10,M12 etc

customer's design could be available


Corresponding equipment with GB,ISO,DIN,ANST,BS,JIS tooth can be tightened with a screwdriver
The opening hole diameter of the corresponding device is fixed with nut and the spacer on the hole
 Electronic products, computers, communications, furniture, toys, lighting, watches, sound equipment, instrumentation, machinery, optical products, auto parts, building installation machine, automatic control, electrical, network, connectors, telecommunications or communications, lighting and other fields.
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